Mile-A-Way Dinnerware Terms and Conditions:

Our merchandise is thoroughly inspected for product quality, and guaranteed to be in excellent condition for the age and availability of the pattern.
We use the United States Postal Service (USPS) as our shipping agent, and insure all fragile items as a routine business practice, for your assurance of satisfaction with your purchases.
In the rare occasion when an item is damaged or broken during shipping, Mile-A-Way will help you to obtain the appropriate United States Postal Service (USPS) forms for reimbursement.

Shipping Fees:

1. Your merchandise cost(s), plus shipping, insurance, and a small handling fee are the costs of your order. While the least expensive high-quality shipping service is always used, the buyer is responsible for the costs of postage, shipping and handling for items purchased.
2. Orders to non-USA addresses will incur international shipping charges.


1. If you are not completely satisfied with the quality of the merchandise you received, notify Mile-A-Way within fourteen days of item receipt. We will gladly refund your payment, in full, less shipping and handling charges, for pieces returned within 30 days of order date.  
2. If the item was accurately described, Mile-A-Way reserves the right to charge a restocking fee for the item, that will be deducted from the return refund.
3. Returns are normally processed within 7 days of return or exchange.

Returned Payment Fees:

1. Returned checks will incur a $50.00 return check fee, added to the check total.
2. A second event of returned checks will remove the option of purchasing by check. 

General Liability Policy:

​Mile-A-Way, Denise Munroe, and all associates acting as agents of Mile-A-Way are not responsible for any use, misuse, injury or damage caused by the purchase of any items from Mile-A-Way Dinnerware, Antiques & Collectibles.

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